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As a member of our team you are valued, as you contribute your time, energy and skills in support of the charity.

We appreciate everything our staff do to help us to provide quality childcare facilities to service and civilian families in times of peace and conflict.

Our pre-schools provide a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment in which each child is encouraged to reach their full potential.

We offer support especially to service families who are new to the area and during times of deployment.

Employment Assistant Scheme


Jack and Jill's Childcare invest in their staff, not only through training and good rates of pay but we also offer an Employees Assistant Scheme- this can provide external confidential independant counselling/advice to our staff in many different areas including Legal, Emotions, Work, Health, Money, Relationships etc. In the changing world we work and live we understand everyday pressures can become too much and although as an Organisation we are always here to listen and support where we can we feel this scheme can provide further support.

For further information please read - 


EAP Leaflet                           Employee Assistance Programe Statement

Job Opportunity's:

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Royal Naval Pre-school Learning Organisation is committed to equal opportunities and Diversity. This commitment is reflected amongst the charities policies and practices.

• To offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to apply for a position/volunteer

• Listen to your motivations and aspirations and wherever possible match your skills and experiences with the right role for you.

• To provide information about the charity its policies and its work

• To provide access and support to staff-including regular review meetings.

• To offer an induction and proper training and support for your role

• To promote an environment of Trust and understanding, encouraging two way communication at all times

• To make necessary arrangements to ensure

your health, safety and welfare

• To reimburse out of pocket expenses

• To recognise loyalty and dedication

Responsibilities and Expectations

We really want you to enjoy your time spent working for us and we take our responsibilities towards you very seriously. You will also be an RNPSLO representative for the charity and as such we ask you to act appropriately.

Our commitment to you

To register as a volunteer with RNPSLO you can:

• Fill out a form at any of our events held

 Throughout the year

• Apply online through ‘volunteering        opportunities’

• How to apply to be a volunteer, contact the

 office on 01752 788345

The rights to any original works that you may produce in the course of volunteering will belong to the charity, unless otherwise agreed. Examples include photography artwork, graphic design and written work.


We may use photographs of employees/volunteers carrying out their roles for promotional purposes. You may of course request that an image is withdrawn.

Health and Safety

Your Health and Safe is important to us. We are committed to your safety and welfare whilst you are working/volunteering for us and in turn we expect employees/volunteers to contribute to maintaining a safe working environment.


All Employees\Volunteers at RNSPLO and Jack & Jill’s pre-schools must:


• Take reasonable care for health and safety of yourself and others who may be affected by your actions or omissions

• Co-operate with other staff/volunteering members by assisting them to fulfill their statutory duties

• Follow our Health and Safety policy and measures put in place by the RNSPLO or any organisation you may be working on

• Report accidents/incidents or dangerous circumstances to the manager or leading member of staff, whether or not any person has been injured

• Be aware of actions to take when an emergency situation arises

•Be aware who from the RNPSLO to contact for support.

Copyright, Intellectual Property and Photography

Media Relations

No comments or stories should be given direct to the media, unless your Job role/volunteer role specifically includes talking to the press or other local media. Generally, our media relations are handled by our CEO and so any requests from the press, etc. should be referred to your manager/staff contact.

Data Protection and Confidentiality

We take great care to protect your information as part of our data protection responsibilities. As an employee/volunteer, we expect you to protect any personal or confidential information to which you have access.


Employees/Volunteers may request reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel costs and, if devoting a full day to a training/charity event, a sandwich lunch or equivalent. Payment of reasonable expenses must be authorised by your manager/staff contact in advance and receipts or tickets required.

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Volunteering Opportunity's



Volunteer Trustees needed to join the board of trustees for RNPSLO that provides early years

childcare settings to service and civilian families.


Please contact with your completed application form.


Full Job Description      Application Form