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The Royal Naval Pre-School Learning Organisation

(Jack and Jill's Childcare)


The Royal Naval Pre-School Learning Organisation started life in the front room of a Married quarter by a housewife whose husband was at sea around 1972.


On a regular basis a group of mum's met and encouraged their children to play together at each others houses whislt adults supported each other, eventually due to the popularity of these weekly meetings the very first Naval childcare provisions were created.


Over a period of time the concept of childcare for Service children grew to 12 provisions around the City of Plymouth. The groups were usally attahced to NACO family Centres in units provided and maintained by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) However a decline in Service Housing and the withdrawal of some of the Naval Community Centres led to 7 of the Pre-Schools around the City being closed. In 2005 there were only 5 remaining RN preschools.


The Royal Naval Pre-School Learning Organisation (RNPSLO) is a charitable organisation that delivers childcare to the service community and the local neighborhood's in and around the Plymouth area. Service children are given priority of spaces with spare capacity offered to civilian children.


RNPSLO works along side the Naval community team which is part of Royal Naval, Royal Marines welfare service. The primary purpose being to 'Support the Royal Navy, its personnel and their families in peacetime and war by helping or reduce the effect of service life, in order to optimize the military capability of serviceman or woman'.


The introduction of the Children Act 1989, the Care Standards Act 2000., the Children Act 2004, Every Child Matters (ECM) and The Childcare Act 2006, has changed the delivery of childcare from thirty years ago and in the present day there has to be sufficient childcare for parents in the local communites provided by private, voluntary and independant sectors to meet local need. This has enabled RNPSLO to extend what we offer and provide more childcare sessions in our groups around the city.


Today there a 7 Ofsted registered provisions around the city, there are three sited attached to NACO family centres, two smaller sites in mis appropriated married quaters, one within Goosewell school and one full day care facility open 50 weeks of the year.


RNPSLO employ over 35 staff that are employed by the Board of Trustees managed by the Area Coordinator. Many staff are married to service personnel or have been in the Armed Forces themselves, which asists us in settling families, and having empathy for the problems that can arise during times leading up to deployment, the detachment, and withdrawal from family life, the deployment itself, emotional disorganisation and time of seperation and then the anticipants of home coming and finally the post deployment when re-integration and stabilisation back into the family every day life happens.


RNPSLO continues to offer quality childcare to service and civilian families around the city either within serivce estates or in the community and is looking to develop extented childcare for families where there is a need.


All settings are Ofsted registered and staff are qualified to minimum NVQ level 3 with 5 staff members holding a Degree in Childhood studies and one staff member having Early Years Proffessional status.


The Organisation works tirelessly to support both the child and the families attending the 7 settings around the city and provide competitive quality childcare.